Quarterly newsletter: COVID-19 and Cryptography

COVID-19 related content

  • Whether or not widespread tracking of individuals to stem the spread of the virus is legitimate
  • What the dangers are of such tracking
  • What technological (cryptographic) solutions could be developed in order to achieve the desired effect without compromising on privacy.

Live talks you may be interested in

Series — Prof. Yehuda Lindell and Prof. Matthew D. Green

Webinars you may be interested in

  • Common challenges of cloud migration — specifically, for IaaS.
  • How to determine which data and processes are sensitive in the existing app — which keys are in use and how they’re stored
  • What types of extra protection needs to be added prior to migration: encryption, key management, and protection.
  • How to securely migrate to the cloud — from key identification to encryption verification, overseeing development, and ensuring compliance.



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Tova Dvorin

Tova Dvorin


Content manager. Recovering reporter. Coffee enthusiast and chronic reader.